Welcome to CF Infotech, training and placement division of Career Future

Career future is now CF Infotech the initiative of three professionals having collectively around 50 years of experience in the area of IT Education, Training, Content Development, recruitment and placement services, etc.
The key person has got more than 23 years of experience in selling educational products to institutions of higher education and corporate through Channel Network, training centres and direct sales. This is ably supported by a team of advisors belonging to Academia, Corporate and Consultancy. The line of activities that CF Infotech pursues is as given below.

o Career assessment and testing for students and working professionals
o Employability skill training
o Workshops and talk shows (seminars) on market trends and careers
o Infrastructure leasing
o Finishing school for corporate recruitment.
o Digital Interactive class room for colleges and universities
o Online training and certification on Soft Management Skills